Savkov Ilian

Plovdiv, Bulgaria


Born 1961 in Kritchim, Plovdiv, Bulgaria.
Editorial cartoonist for Standart Daily Bulgaria. Working cartoons, drawings and painting. Inspired by abstract art.

Awards in cartoon contests: 2015: Zemun, Serbia: Zemun International Salon Of Caricature: First Prize 2013: World Press Cartoon, Sintra, Portugal: Honourable Mention 2010: Gabrovo, Bulgaria: Annual Award of the House of Humour 2008: Vucje, Serbia: Diploma 2005: Mail Art, Sofia, Bulgaria: Grand Prize 2004: Skopje, Macedonia: Third Prize 2003,1996: Yomiuri, Tokyo, Japan: Hounourable Mention 2003: “In Vino Veritas”, Sofia, Bulgaria: Special Prize 2003: Razgrad, Bulgaria: Special Prize 2002: Bjelovar, Croatia: Special Prize 2002: Moscow, Russia: First Prize 2001: Zemun, Serbia: Special Prize 2001,2000,1999: Taipei, Taiwan: Special Prize 1998:Hurriyet, Ankara, Turkey: Award of Success 1998:Razgrad, Bulgaria: Second Prize 1997:Nasreddin Hodja, Ankara, Turkey: Grand Prize 1996:Nasreddin Hodja, Ankara, Turkey: Honorary Plaque of NazimHikmet Foundation 1995,1992:Yomiuri, Tokyo, Japan: Excellent Award 1993:Hokkaido, Japan: Rotring Prize 1992:Trento, Italy: Fabriano Prize Less Exhibitions: 2010- Art Alley Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria 2005- Bulgarian Cultural Institute, Warsaw, Poland 2000- Classics of Fine Arts Gallery, Plovdiv, Bulgaria 1999- Artea Center, Varna, Bulgaria 1999- Art Toro Gallery, Plovdiv, Bulgaria 1998- Boyadjiev Gallery, Bourgas, Bulgaria 1993- Foyles Gallery, London, UK 1992- Bulgarian Embassy, London, UK

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