Savilov Sergey


12.08.1949 - 31.03.2008




He was born in 1949 in Donetsk in the family of a miner. His first fee (14 rubles) was received in the army from the district newspaper.
Since 1973, the artist of the evening newspaper. At the same time, the chairman of the Donetsk club of cartoonists.
He was recognized that his brother made the greatest contribution to his formation as an artist, together with whom he subsequently created the Donetsk Center for Humor, a branch of the famous Moscow SoFECO Center for Humor, and published his newspaper.
He was published in various newspapers and magazines, worked in the Donetsk press, then moved to Moscow.
Since 1990 – editor of the humorous newspaper “Carr”.
Since 1999 – the artist of the newspaper “Gudok” and “Travel” newspaper.
Cartoonist of the Moscow “Express-newspaper.”
Organizer of a number of international exhibitions – caricature competitions.
He took part in more than three hundred international exhibitions and cartoon contests, where he received more than 50 prizes and awards of different dignity.

BEC 2007

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