satirical poster

A monumental form of caricature, pursuing propaganda aims, abounding with all the signs of humor and satire, used in the ordinary caricature.



In the art of Russia there was one more special page that can not be overlooked.
This is the original skill of artists, manifested in the creation of special paintings or pictures, called POSTER.
This is a kind of visual art, which in fact was a CALL to the people in the form of paintings or drawings, usually with a short verse or phrase.
It arose at the appearance of a new state – Soviet Russia. Revolutionary Russia needed to urgently mobilize its citizens to fulfill urgent tasks: protecting the Fatherland from the White Guards and foreign military intervention, combating illiteracy among the population, helping the hungry, overcoming the devastation of cities and villages and much more. Therefore, in the first post-revolutionary years, flowering in the art of the poster arose.

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