Santos Antonio

Amarante, Portugal


Born in V.N. de Gala (1968), now living in Gatab, Amarante.
Illustrator of several classroom books for publishers such as Porto Editora and Edicoes Nova Gaia.
Teacher since 1994 (Drawing).
Contributor of the Newspaper O Reporter do Marao.

Solo exhibitions:
School EB 2,3 of Toutosa
Traditional restaurant Quelha
Library of the Secondary School of Paredes
Baronial Hall of the Volunteer Fire Brigade of Aguda
North Department of the Teachers Trade Union – Amarante.

1994 – Honourable Mention in the Cartoon Contest Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro (Lisbon City Hall).
1996- International Festival  of Comic Strips (Povoa de Varzim City Hall) and participation in the Comic Strips Exhibition (Matosinhos City Hall); 2n Prize in the 5 Cartoon Contest (Amadora); participation in the 1st Cartoon Festival (Alverca).
1998 – 1stPrize in the 7th Cartoon Contest (Amadora).
1999 – Cartoon and Comic Strips Exhibition in the Beau Sejqur Palace (Lisbon).
2000 – 1st pize of Caricature in the XHI Free Humour National Saloon (Oeiras).
2001 – V Luso-Galaico Caricature Saloon (Vila Real); joint exhibition in the Museum Amadeo de Sousa Cardoso (Amarante); XXV Free Humour National Saloon – Oeiras.
2004 – Vm Luso-Galaico Caricature Saloon (Vila Real); II Biennial of Raiano Humour (Idanha-a-Nova) and DC National Exhibition of Amateur Cartoonists held in Levadia -Greece.

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