Samoilov Rostislav

Moscow, Russia


Cartoonist, designer

Born February 14, 1945 in Leningrad in the family of the artist – cartoonist Lev Samoilov.

He lived with his parents in Talin, Riga and, finally, since 1959 – in Moscow.
In 1970 he graduated from the Moscow Textile Institute.

He began to publish in “Trud” in 1969.
After serving in the army, he worked as a designer, drawing cartoons in parallel and printing them in various media, including in Crocodile, before closing it.

A participant in contests of cartoons domestic and international.
He was a laureate of several of them.

He worked as the main artist in the newspapers: “Khozyain” (Appendix to “Trud”) and “Kuranty”.
Member of the Union of Journalists of the USSR and the Union of Designers of the USSR.

BEC 2011

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