De Souza Carlos Estevao

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Cartoonist, publisher

Brazilian cartoonist born in Recife, Brazil, in 1921.
Carlos Estevan (as he signs his work) studied art first in his native city, then in Rio de Janeiro. In the early 1940s he began contributing to O Cruzeiro and Diretrizes. Later he worked for Diario da Noite and O Jornal.
A man of many talents, he also works in advertising and commercial art and has drawn a number of weekly panel features, such as Dr. Maccarra, Antes e Despois de Casamento (‘’Before and After Marriage”), Ser Mulher (“To Be a Woman”) and Preguntos Inocentes (“Innocent Questions”). In 1961 he took over the famed feature O Amigo da Onca (“The Two-Bit Friend”) upon the death of its creator, Pericles Maranhao.

In addition to his work for Brazilian publications, Carlos Estevao contributes to II Travaso (Italy), El Dibujo Humorístico (Spain) and other foreign magazines. He is also a caricaturist.

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