Sur Ali




Born in 1967 in Sivas, Turkey.

Ali Sur published his first caricature in 1981 in the journal “Gırgır”.

In his cartoons, he deals with injustice, social events, sexuality, children, education and the environment.

The awards won by Ali Şur:

1993, TARİŞ third place.

1994, Corum News grand prize.

1994, Honorable mention in Okhotsk Japan.

1995, Çankaya Municipality Grand Prize.

1995, Serdar Çakırer, third place.

1995, Yomiuri Shimbun Japan citation.

1995, Okhotsk Japan honorable mention.

1996, Fair Play Cartoon Competition Altan Erbulak Special Award.

1996, International Aydın Doğan Foundation Cartoon Competition Achievement Award.

1997, Fair Play Cartoon Competition Cemal Nadir Special Award.

1997, Nehar Tüblek Cartoon Competition, third prize.

1997, TCDD Cartoon Competition honorable mention.

1997, Second Prize of Esenyurt Municipality.

1997, Turkish Aeronautical Association second prize.

1998, TSE 9th Cartoon Competition honorable mention.

1998, Honorable Mention.

1998, Nehar Tüblek family special award.

1999, Korean special award.

1999, Taiwan special award.

1999, second prize in the Nehar Tüblek Cartoon Competition.

1999, Musa Anter Special Jury Prize.

2000, Nehar Tüblek Special Award.

2000, Hıbır magazine grand prize.



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