Stelmashonok Sergey

Minsk, Belarus

Рainter, designer, cartoonist, writer, journalist

Born in 1956 Minsk, Republic of Belarus. He graduated from the Belarusian Academy of Arts in 1978. Started his career in Soviet magazines Parus, Rodnik and Krynitsa. Then there was a job in the newspaper “Stock Exchange and Banks (Belarusian Business Newspaper) ” with frontal illustrations weekly for more than 3 years; Cyprus newspaper “Russian Weekly”; Belarusian magazines “Mobile Communication”, “Workshop”, “Business”, “Building a House”, “Hunting and Fishing”, “Secretary-Assistant”, “Courier”, “Halloween”; Russian magazines “Tree”, “Production Management”, “Furniture Factory”; Bulgarian “Mountain” and a dozen other publications of the most different directions.

Repeatedly participated in national and international art exhibitions.

Member of the Union of Artists of Belarus and the Union of Designers of Belarus.

Reference: BEC ( the Big Encyclopedia of Caricature ), 2010



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