Soheili Amir

Tehran, Iran



Was born in Sanandaj, Iran. He continued his education until a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry field at the University of Firoozabad, Shiraz; where he graduated. His interest in cartoon art became more apparent after graduation, and his cartoons were published in a newspaper called Sirwan every week. Since 2009, he has professionally published his cartoons in the cartoon section. His first caricature was professionally released at the International Cartoon Festival “The devil against the Holy Books” in 2010 on catalog contest in Tehran, and since then many works have been published in world catalogs or have been rewarded. His job is responsible for the quality control laboratory. He is working as the editor of the cartoon department and the satire of “Kurdwari” magazine. Summary of his resume by the end of 2017 is listed below:

◼ Certificate of merit International Festival of press cartoons “Maya Kamath” India 2017. The subject editorial cartoons – India 2017
◼ Special honor Diploma and personal gallery on best cartoon of the international cartoon contest humoDEVA Romania” FREE THEME – MY BEST OF 2015″-Romania 2016
◼ Diploma and special prize in the International Cartoon Contest Kosovo “Hello Europe” – Kosovo 2015
◼ Diploma in International Cartoon Gura humourului “vector mask from your face” – Romania 2015
◼ Executive secretary of the national festival cartoon “Iranian lifestyle” – Iran 2014
◼ Executive secretary of the national festival cartoon “civic culture” – Iran 2014
◼ Award of the Festival cartoons “turquoise dome” lsfahan Iran 2015
◼ Select of the International Cartoon Festival in” industry and technology” -USA 2012
◼ Selective and published in more than 40 international festivals cartoons example: “Aydin Dogan Turkey 2014, Word Press Cartoon 2015, Piracicaba Brazil 2013 & 2014, Tehran Book 2014, Don Quixote Turkey 2013, the Museum of Cartoon Vianden Luxembourg 2013, Afdsta Iran 2013, Bruges Belgium 2013, the Brazilian Amazon 2013, devil against holy books 2009, Cheese and bread Italy 2014, humoralia Spain 2015, ISIS 2015 Tehran Iran & …
◼ Press cartoonist

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