Rotov Konstantin

Moscow, Russia

19.02.1902 - 16.01.1959


Born in Rostov-on-Don in the family of the Don Cossack …
Having graduated from the city five-year school, I entered the Rostov Art College.
I developed an early love for drawing and firmly established myself in an art school.1916
Long before the end of this school, my first cartoons were printed in the Petrograd journal “Beach”, where, in order to make me feel pleasant, my father sent them in 1916 without my knowledge. From that moment, I believe, my constant work in the press began. Prior to the establishment of Soviet power in the Don, my drawings were printed in the magazine “Don Wave” and the newspaper “Rostov speech” .1920.
From the very first days of the establishment of Soviet power, he began to work in Don-ROSTA, the Political Prosecutor and. Rostov branch of the State Publishing House … 1921.
In 1921, the Rostov Political Prospectus was sent to study at the Petrograd Academy, where he was admitted to the graphic faculty, but did not study, because at that time the academic teachers of the Academy were dominated by incomprehensible and foreign formalistic directions.1922
In 1921-1922 he received in Moscow the first serious order for illustrating the tales of Andersen and Grimm. From that moment he finally settled in Moscow.
In 1922-1923 he began to work in the magazine “Crocodile” and constantly printed there until 1940. During this period he was an employee of many magazines and newspapers. Now it is difficult for me to recall all the titles of the editions, but here is an approximate list of them: Pravda, Rabochaya Gazeta, Komsomolskaya Pravda, Gudok, Prozhektor, Ogonek, Smechach, 30 Days, Lapot and others.

In addition to working in the press, he participated in many art exhibitions, both domestic and foreign … … From 1920 to 1940 he illustrated many books. Here are just some of them: Andersen’s tales, Grimm’s tales, Saltykov-Shchedrin tales. Books of Soviet writers: K. Chukovsky, S. Mikhalkov, A. Bar-to, Ilf and Petrov, V. Kataev, I. Utkin and others. He also worked on the design of theatrical productions.

In 1939, according to my sketch, a panel was made for the Soviet pavilion at the New York exhibition … I also worked a lot in the field of the poster.

1940 g,
In 1940 he was arrested on the warrant of Beria and stayed in the ITL until January 4, 1948. In the camp, I managed to make a large series of watercolor works dedicated to the Great Patriotic War … Upon my return, I began working on illustrations for the novel “Modern History” by A. Frans, on S. Mikhalkov’s children’s book “Uncle Stepa” and on Pushkin’s tales. To finish the begun it was not possible, as without presentation of any charge has been sent on termless settlement in S-Eniseysk. In S-Yeniseysk he took part in the design of a new working club and worked there as a club artist.

In 1954, the decision of the Military College of the Supreme Court of the USSR was exempt from exile and fully rehabilitated … Currently I work in the magazine “Crocodile” …

This ends the autobiography of the talented artist Konstantin Rotov, and fate adds another last date: 1959 January 6 – the death of the artist.


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