Ross Larry

United States

Cartoonist and illustrator with many years of experience

I’m a humorous illustrator with many years of experience. I’ve worked in editorial, books, and advertising. I enjoy working with clients and bringing warmth, humor, and style to their ideas. I also have a natural ability to create my own concepts based on articles, ads or manuscripts.

I originally began drawing humorous pictures (that’s just how they came out) while growing up in Pennsylvania. I took my pad and pencil to Pratt Institute where I graduated with a BFA. I began my career while living in Brooklyn.

(If you want inspiration for drawing humorous pictures try living in Brooklyn for a while.) It’s The Funny Borough. And it was close enough to Manhattan to find some serious clients.

In due time I got married and my wife Nancy and I had two terrific sons. We packed our bags (pad and pencil included) and headed for greener pastures…in New Jersey (another pretty funny place). We’re currently living in Madison, NJ with our Jack Russell Terrier ( And need I say?….a funny dog.) My work has been chosen for The Society of Illustrator’s Annual Show and The Best of The New York Times as well as winning awards at The New York Art Director’s Club and The New Jersey Art Director’s Club

Over the years I’ve illustrated over 20 children’s books, numerous humor books for adults and award winning book covers for all ages.

Some of my earliest editorial clients were The New York Times, New York Magazine, Harper’s Magazine and The National Lampoon.
I’ve illustrated ads (including campaigns) for IBM, Perdue Chicken, Alka Seltzer, USA Network, CBS, Master Card, and Newsweek to name a few.


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