Rebeur Ana von

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Cartoonist, writer, journalist, drawer, graphic humorist, plastic artist, color specialist, illustrator, screenwriter, columnist and radio and TV host

Ana studied Psychology (UBA), Chemistry (University of Morón) and Graphic Design (Escuela Panamericana de Arte). She speaks English, Italian, Portuguese and French. From 1980 to 1994 she had been working as an international airline hostess, which allowed her to get in touch with international graphic humorists who inspired her to enter this artistic field. At the same time, she has been translating to English for DC Comics, USA. She began her career as an editor and cartoonist in the magazines “Humor” and “Sex Humor” (Ediciones de la Urraca). Since 1985 she became a travel reporter, interviewer and investigative journalist for more than 70 newspapers and magazines from Argentina other countries. In 1998 she was editor of the touristic department “Via” of the Diario Perfil.
Ana has published 30 books on various subjects, especially humor, in Argentina, Spain, Colombia, and Bosnia. She collaborated in book publishing for Germany, France and, the United States. She illustrated a literacy manual for adults, that was issued in a number of 150,000 copies to be distributed among the rural population in eight countries of Central America and the Caribbean, commissioned by the AECI and the OAS.
Since 2000 Ana has presided at the Argentine headquarters of FECO (Federation of Cartoonists Organizations), Federation of Organizations of Graphic Humorists, with headquarters in 36 countries and more than 3000 associated cartoonists, which makes this organization the largest of art associations of the world ( and She won 12 national and international cartoon awards and is invited as a jury of cartoon contests from all around the world (Romania, China, Brazil, France, etc). Her works are exhibited in galleries around the world and published in China, Japan, Bosnia, Serbia, Croatia, Cyprus, Ukraine, England, India and Iran.
Since 2002, she has been the regional director of CRNI Cartoonists Rights Network. ( . She was a radio and TV scriptwriter and is the theatrical author of several comedies among which “Nadie Plancha como yo” and “La hija de” stand out. Both works were nominated for the 2004 Estrella de Mar Award and the ACE 1997 Award (Association of Critics of the Show). She is the author of 50 blogs on various topics.
Since 2006, she has been a member of the Cartooning for Peace cartoonist organization ( founded by Jean Plantu of the French newspaper Le Monde and chaired by former UN Secretary Kofi Annan. It holds traveling exhibitions and congresses all over the planet.

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