Radakov Alexey

26.03.1879 - 31.05.1942

Cartoonist, illustrator, poster artist, painter, poet, teacher

He was born on March 26, 1879 in Moscow.

Animation film artist, teacher. In 1900 he graduated from the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture, in 1905 – TSUTR in St. Petersburg, then continued his studies in the studio of the artist T. Steinlen in Paris. Artist-cartoonist, poster artist, painter, illustrator, poet. The author of many cartoons, cartoons and posters. Collaborated with the magazines “Satyricon” (1908-1914) and “New Satyricon” (1913-1918 gg.). In 1919 he published a children’s magazine “Galchonok”, founded in Petrograd artistic tavern “Petrushka”, which he himself designed. In the years 1934-1935. worked in the team of the experimental animation studio under the GUKF under the guidance of VF Smirnov, later – at Mosfilm, as a production designer and director. Collaborated with Soyuzmultfilm. In 1933-34 he taught on animation courses at the House of Printing in Moscow, is the teacher of the majority of animators “studio Smirnov”.



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