Pedrito Pedro


Cartoonist, editor

He was born in 1946 in Plasetas.
He graduated from the School of Fine Arts “Leopoldo Romagnac” and the Higher Party School “Niko Lopez”.
Prior to 1968 Pedrito worked in the newspaper “Juventud Rebelde”, then became one of the artists of the humorous weekly “Melaito”.
His dedicated international themes and social issues are printed on all newspapers and magazines in the country, in which there is a section of humor – DDT, Bohemia, Opina, Palante.
He cooperates fruitfully with Cuban television, with the newsreel department of the Cuban Film Institute. “Horacio Rodriguez Souria” and was awarded more than thirty awards and incentive reviews.
Since 1970, Pedrito is the editor-in-chief of the magazine Melaito.

Modern Cuban cartoonists. “Soviet Artist”, Moscow, 1982.

Contemporary Cuban cartoonists. “Soviet Artist”, Moscow, 1982


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