Poder Kaja

Tallinn, Estonia

Cartoonist, graphic designer, drawing teacher

Was born in 1943

Teacher of drawing and production training. By position – Artist of the Advertising Factory. The first caricature printed in 1972 in the newspaper Edazi. Since then, in her spare time working on advertising, she draws cartoons, because in her it attracts the ability to draw curved lines. “Cartoons” began to appear in the magazines “Picker”, “Pioneer”, “Noorus”, in the newspapers “Sirp I Vasar”, etc. Published in the collections “And laughter and sin”, “Beauty salon”, “Handicap”, in catalogs exhibitions “Over the winners do not joke!”, “What’s so funny?” and the exhibition of the Baltic caricature (Tallinn, 1976, Vilnius, 1981, 1984), in the album “Sixteen Authors”. Participated in all-Union and international exhibitions held in Tallinn, Vilnius, Odessa, Lviv, and Marostic. She has three solo exhibitions on her account. Being an extremely serious person, from time to time she feels the urgent need to draw comic pictures.

A series of “Masters of the Soviet cartoon” ed. Soviet Artist 1989

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