Pugliese David Pablo

Barcelona, Spain

Cartoonist, caricaturist
He started drawing in 1996. Participant of international caricature and illustration competitions (Argentina, Spain, Cuba, Colombia, Romania, China, Italy, Belgium, Austria, Luxembourg, Portugal).
In April 2001, he received the second prize for caricature at the XX Biennale in San Antonio de los Banos, Cuba.
In January 2002, a special cartoon film appeared in the television show “El revés de la Trama” for the Argentine channel.
His caricatures and illustrations were exhibited: in the Palace of Glace, Alliance Francesa, the Bella Arte de la Plata Museum, Casa de Arte Dona Rosa, and the Palermo Autodrom (Buenos Aires, Argentina).
In April 2008, he designed room 204 of the DORMIRDCINE Hotel in Madrid, Spain.
In June 2009, he took part in the first TG MPM (Mobile Postcard Museum).
In 2012, the publishing house Gerbera ediciones published a children’s fairy tale by Fernanda Arguello “Selva de Ciudad”, illustrated by David Pugliese.
In 2013, Cartoon Ark Publishing house published the book “David Pugliese CARICATURAS” in Greece.
In October 2014, he gave a lecture to students of the Ornerakis School of Applied Arts in Athens, Greece.
David is engaged in illustrations and collaborates with many publications, such as: SQP, BOOM! Wittenburg Door Magazine (USA); El Jueves, Tentacles, El Web Negre, Nùvol (Spain); Reader’s Digest, BAvoice, Revista Arlequín, Catrasca, Orsai (Argentina).
Since 2002, he has been teaching the art of caricature and illustration.
He is the founder of Jésica Cichero of the Entusiasta Gallery, a gallery of graphic and art projects.
In February 2016, he takes part in the Swaggerless Pop-up Art Show at Gallery 38, Los Angeles, California, USA.
In April 2018, he is the curator of the exhibition “100 caras de Cervantes”, organized by the General Institute of the Humorous Foundation of the University of Alcala de Henares, Spain. Since then, this exhibition has visited Asturias, China and Greece.
In 2018, he moved to Barcelona.
Solo exhibitions:
  • December 2019, “EXAGERADAGENTE”. Consulate General and Development Center of the Republic of Argentina, Barcelona, Spain.
  • March 2018, “Where is the Action”.Open room at the DORMIRDCINE Hotel, Madrid, Spain.
  • April 2017, “BIG SCREEN”. Llibreria de la Imatge, Barcelona, Spain.
  • November 2016, “Buenos Aires – Barcelona”. Vision illustration center. Barcelona, Spain.
  • November 2014, exhibition and presentation of the book “Cartoons” in Imaginaria Syndrome, Barcelona, Spain.
  • November 2014 “Caras Bravas” Alcala de Henares, Madrid, Spain.
  • October 2014 “Two countries, two authors, many faces” by David Paglis and Thanasis Petru. Flisvos Marina, Athens, Greece.
  • May 2013 “Or de jay de Jazz” Bar Orsai, San Telmo, Buenos Aires.
  • October 2012 “CARASDCINE” DORMIRDCINE Hotel, Madrid, Spain.
  • May 2012 “De aquí y de a Jazz” PHOS Contemporary Art Gallery, Pilar, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  • December 2011 “Sujetos Argentinos” Museum of Humor Graphico Diogenes Tabord, CABA, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  • September 2010 “Musicalidades” Casa de Arte Doña Rosa, Quilmes, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  • August 2008 “Illustrations and Cartoons”, National University of Quilmes, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
A source: BACK (The Great Encyclopedia of Caricature), 2020


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