Prozhoga Yuriy

Kurgan, Ukraine


Cartoonist, designer, web designer, illustrator

He was born on May 6, 1962 in Debaltsevo, Donetsk region.
He graduated from the Kurgan Machine Building Institute in 1984.
The first cartoon was published in the regional youth newspaper “Young Leninist” in 1979.
Laureate of the Regional Youth Prize in 1988 in the field of fine arts in the city of Kurgan.
Diploma of the International Festival of Computer Graphics and Animation in Moscow “Anigraph-95”, in the nomination “Computer graphics and animation in screensavers for the design of a television broadcast.”
Diploma of the city award “Recognition-2001”, in the nomination “Journalism” for the site dedicated to the Kurgan cultural diaspora. Winner of the city competition of the emblems “Kurgan is a city without drugs”, (1997).
Winner of the All-Russian Social Poster Competition (2005), organized by the City Hall of Yaroslavl and the British Council in Russia, in the nomination “Health of the Nation”.
Winner of the international photo contest “Delicious masterpieces”, in the framework of the international salon “Furniture-2004”, in the nomination “Still Life”, organized by “”, (2005).

Member of personal, regional and international photo exhibitions:
Member of the Union of Journalists of the Russian Federation since 1996.
Member of the Union of Photo Artists of Russia since 2005.

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