Protsenko Irina

Sumy, Ukraine


Cartoonist, artist

She was born on December 7, 1959 in a small town Pogranichniy Primorsky Krai (Maritime Territory) in family of a serviceman.
She graduated from North Ossetia art college in Vladikavkaz. Now the artist lives and works in Sumy (Ukraine). Known as a painter.
She worked in an arts fund.In recent years Irina is a freelance artist. Since 1986 Irina takes an active part in national, regional and international exhibitions (30 major), has 50 publications in magazines and newspapers.

Member of the Artists Union of Ukraine since 1992. Her works can be found in private collections in Ukraine, Russia, USA, Germany, Australia, Slovakia, the Czech Republic. And also in private collections of the former president of Ukraine, and Iosif Kobzon, the people’s artist of Russia.

Irina has a philosophic but in the same time romantic view over the life. You’ll find warmth of love and beauty, meditation and pain of being lonely, irony and mischief in her pictures. Each of her works is a piece of intelligent and high culture art.

Irina is keen on writing short stories, which were published in regional, metropolitan newspapers and in the Kiev magazine “Muzeyniy provulok”.


The story “Ty sprashivayesh” (“You ask”):

Caricature is a favourite hobby for Irina:

The first pictures were published in 1992 in the regional newspaper “Vash Shans”, where Irina worked a short time. Since then she keeps pleasing herself and her friends with new pictures, exposing them at he personal painting exhibitions.

Ира Проценко

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