Professional, professional, m. A person who made a kind of n. occupation of his permanent profession.

Explanatory dictionary Ushakov

First of all, the term “professional” should be understood as a creative person – a caricaturist artist who lives on his creativity.

And this means that its “professional” level is in demand in printed publications. At the same time, technical mastery is of no fundamental importance, but should only satisfy the requirements of the press and the audience’s perception. The level of his talent and technical skill is of secondary importance, but one should take into account that his awareness and erudition in the working space of the world caricature, predetermine his quality as a “professional” in the evaluation of colleagues.

The “professional” in the caricature, at best of this concept, has a clear creative manner of “handwriting”, an individuality, in the presence of which repetitions in “themes”, often perceived as plagiarism, are impossible.

M. Valiakhmetov

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