Postelnicu Gheorghe



Cartoonist, painter, humor sculptor, photographer, MIL analist & TurboPASCAL programmer, cross-word champion, haiga-haiku poet

He was born on December 9, 1946 in the town of Vaslui (Romania).
In 1965 he graduated from college. He graduated from the infantry school with the rank of lieutenant in 1968.
Worked as an investigator. Since 1971, the paratrooper BREVET AN-2 and AN-24 BUZAU until 1996. Has made 425 jumps.
In 1998 he retired in the rank of colonel.
Since 1971, he began to print cartoons in the civil press.
The author of “BEGHEUTZA” – comic character of Romanian parachutists (pseudonym from the initials BG – Romanian parachute BG-7) 1981 year.
The author of “CARACAL MASCOT” 1991.
Illustrated poems for children «DREAM CATALOG», CORNEL VASILE.
I drew cartoons on famous military figures.
He created vignettes on the topic of human rights.
A participant in international and domestic cartoon contests.

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