Popov Andrey

Saint Petersburg, Russia


Cartoonist, creator & illustrator

Was born on February 13, 1970. He began to draw from an early age. Have got an education at Mozhaysky Military Air forces Academy between 1987 and 1992. In 1995 Andrei left the military career to become a cartoon artist.
Since 1997 cooperated with many newspapers and magazines, such as “Business St Petersburg”, “Journalism & Media Market”, “Izvestia-Petesburg”, “Psycologies”. He is a member of  a “Russian Caricature Club”, an international club “Cartoonion” and a project “Cartoonbank”. Throughout his career, Andrey frequently participated in numerous Russian and International exhibitions and competitions, as a participant, as well as an organiser and a judge. He received awards in competitions in Italy, Hungary, Turkey, Luxemburg , Denmark, China, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Poland, Portugal, Croatia, Serbia. Hi also make book illustrations and create prints for the fashion industry. He lives and works in St Petersburg.

BEC 2017

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