Polinger Zigfrid

Bucharest, Romania


1920 – 1985

Siegfried was born in 1920 in Chisinau.
His parents took him to Bucharest at the age of two, where he lived until he was 20 years old.
Siegfried graduated from a private art studio, worked in Romanian newspapers. Like many at that time, he adhered to communist views, was close to the Comintern.
In 1940 Bessarabia was added to the Soviet Union. Pauling was one of those who took it with joy. He returned to Chisinau and joined the Union of Artists of the USSR. His first exhibition was in 1941.
Pauling worked for a long time as a graphic artist, cartoonist and book illustrator.
Was an artistic editor of the republican children’s magazine and was responsible for the design of the Moldavian encyclopedia. Participated in exhibitions of satire and humor in Moscow and the Bulgarian Gabrovo. In 1972 he was awarded a prize for the best poster.
He died in 1985.

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