Piho Evald

Tallinn, Estonia

28.09.1900 - 01.10.2008


On the pages of newspapers and magazines, thousands of his works were published.
The artist’s pen often derided the manifestations of bureaucracy, mismanagement. Ewald Pijo was born in 1923 in Tallinn, studied at the Art and Industrial School in the printing department. During the years of the fascist occupation he worked as a printer in a printing house, he knew the life of a prisoner of the Gestapo prison. After the liberation of Tallinn by the Soviet Army, he continued his studies at the Tallinn Technical School of Physical Education, which he successfully graduated in 1949 and worked as a teacher of physical education. Soon he was elected chairman of the district sports committee, then appointed head of the Tallinn Yacht Club.

In his free time he began to draw cartoons.
In 1956 he finally became a professional cartoonist.
His drawings often appeared on the pages of the All-Union Crocodile and the magazine Picker.
He participated in many republican, all-Union and international exhibitions and contests of cartoons, and became a laureate of three contests of cartoonists of the Baltic States.
In 1969, at the International Caricature Exhibition in Moscow, Pijo was awarded the second prize.
Drawings of the artist increasingly appeared in the periodicals of fraternal republics and many countries of Europe.
He published two books of cartoons, co-authored with colleagues – several satirical collections.
Member of the USSR Union of Artists.

Masters of the Soviet caricature, ed. “Soviet Artist”, Moscow, 1990.

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