Petrushanskiy Boris

Saint Petersburg, Russia

01.01.1947 - 30.12.2017

Cartoonist, graphic artist, stage designer and filmmaker

Boris Petrushansky was born in 1947 on January 1.
He graduated from the St. Petersburg Theatrical Academy – in 1973 he received a diploma (excellently) as a theater and cinema art director. Currently, Boris Petrushansky is the general director and the artist “Clown Mime Theater Litsedei.”
Laureate of the national annual award “Best Manager of the Year 2009” in the framework of the 5th ceremony of official public recognition of the elite of the national economy.
One of the founders of the Leningrad cartoon club.
A participant and laureate of many festivals and exhibitions of cartoons and problem graphics.

Awards at exhibitions:
– Daejeon, Korea – Certificate “The best caricature”, theme: “Suit”, 2009
– China – Prize of Honor and an Excellent Prize, Red Men Cartoon, theme: “Shadow”, “Olympic Games” 2008
– Belgrade, Serbia – Diploma of the International Exhibition, subject: “Stamps, Stamps”, 2008
– Strumica, Macedonia – Diploma of the IX International Festival, theme: “Carnival – Erotica”, 2008
– BuzziNews International Project Certificate, theme: “Good Word”, 2008
– Beijing, China – Special Prize of the 6th International Festival, theme: “Olympic Games”, 2007
– Kragujevac Serbia – Cities Bielsko Biala, theme: “Anti-war Animation”, 2007
– Sofia – 3 prize, theme: “Feminization and antifeminization” – Novi Sad – 3 prize, theme: “Hunting and fishing”, 1976
– Sarajevo – 1 prize, the exhibition “Pedestal”, 1976
– Umoristi a Marostica Italy – special prize, 1975
2005 participation in the exhibition dedicated to the picture of Rembrandt “Danae”.
2002 was awarded the statuette “Golden Chaplin”.
2001. Laureate of the festival “Golden Ostap” in the nomination “Master”.
2000 personal exhibition of cartoons in America (Dallas, West Palm Beach, Midland).
The author and the interior designer of “Chaplin-club”, “Comrade of Comedians”, “East Paris”. Creativity of the restaurant “Lieutenant Rzhevsky” … ..
Artist-designer of about 150 posters and booklets for various theatrical productions in Russia and abroad: Theater for Young People, BDT, Comedy Theater, Small Drama Theater, Small Opera and Ballet Theater, Theater for Young People in Tashkent, Kaunas Drama Theater, Clown Mime Theater “Liceidae” “.

Author of poster and design:
International Festival of Street Performances in Limburg.
The 300th anniversary of the Russian Navy in Kaliningrad.
300th anniversary of the Great Petrovsky embassy in Kaliningrad.

He designed about 50 books and magazines in various publishing houses:
“Art”, “Hydrometizdat”, “Syntax”, “Aurora”, “Fire”, “Balamut”, etc.
Invented and created the magazine “Yours”. He was the main artist of the magazine “The New World of Art”.
In the movies, at different studios, he made more than 60 films:
– “House”, directors Dodin and Ryabokon,
– “Uncle Vanya” and “Pickwick Club” directed by G. Tovstonogov,
– “Physics” and “Peregon” director O. Ryabkon,
– “House by the Road”, “Idealist”, “It’s a shame to be unhappy”, director A. Belinsky,
– “Pavel Filonov” director V. Naumov,
– “The Heart of the Polyshinel,” directed by L. Alekseychuk.
The film participated in the Cannes Film Festival in 1993.
– “Angels in Paradise”, directed by E. Lungin. The film participated in many festivals: in Cannes, Berlin, Lausanne, Montreal, etc.

Was the main artist:
– 1982. “Mim parade.” The 1st All-Russian Pantomime Festival.
– 1985. – “Mimes and Clowns” – the first international festival of pantomime and clownery in Moscow.
– 1987g. – “Litsedey – Lyceum” t – the 1 st all-Russian festival of street theaters.
– 1988. – “Congress-Fools” – the 1st All-Russian Clownery Festival in Leningrad.
– 1989. – competition “Miss Leningrad”.
– 1989. – “Carnival of Peace” – a trans-European festival of street theaters, Leningrad – Paris.
– 1992. – “Wall” – a modern project Russia – Holland – Berlin.
– 1999. – The Tsarskoye Selo Carnival.
– 1999. – Children’s Carnival in Moscow.
– 2000 – The Press Ball in Moscow.

Theater Festival – Prague, Czechoslovakia
Theater Festival – Warsaw, Poland
Year of Clowns – Paris, France
Theater Festival – Knoxville, USA
Festival of street theaters – Perigueux, France
Theater Festival – Madrid, Spain
Festival – Jerusalem, Israel
“Sigma” – Festival – Bordeaux, France
“Arts of son” – festival – Nantes, France
Humor Festival – Walrus, Switzerland

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