Petrov Mikhail

Moscow, Russia

Cartoonist, illustrator

(1938 – 2008)
Has issued more than 150 books. Here illustrations to the works of B.Almazov, H.K. Andersen, I.Babel, A.Gaidar, O.Genry, A.Dode, N.Dubov, B.Zhitkov, A.Kuprin, E.Labule, J.London, J. Austin, K. Paustovsky, E.Po, T.M. Rida, R. Stevenson, I.Tokmakova, L.Tolstoy, B.Shergin and others. Mikhail Fedorovich’s drawings to the recent editions of Tom Sawyer’s Adventures (Moscow: Drofa, 2000) and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (Mark: Drofa, 2001) by Mark Twain.

In the late 80’s, Mikhail Petrov did drawings for the magazine “Crocodile”.

Honored Artist of Russia.

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