Perneki Boguslav

Bratislava, Slovakia


Cartoonist, illustrator, architect

Bohuslav “Bobo” Pernecky was born on 8th June 1950 in Liptovska Osada, Slovak Republic. He graduated at the Faculty of Architecture of Slovak Technical University in Bratislava. He worked as a designer at the Centre of Urbanism and at Stavoprojekt in Piestany. Currently operates his own architectural studio in Piestany. He was only thirteen when his first drawing was published, at his sixteen he published his first cartoon and at his seventeen he has had his first individual exhibition. Since then he had 50 individual exhibitions and about 200 collective exhibitons at home and abroad. In the year 2010 was published his own representative profile book Clovekopis (Mandescription).

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