Peev Tsocho

Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Карикатурист, иллюстратор

Родился  9-ого сентября 1951 года в Пловдиве.
Окончил Пловдивский  университет.
С 1976 года он стал заниматься карикатурой, иллюстрированием и оформлением книг.
С 1990 года становится членом Союза болгарских художников.
В 2001 году организует первое в Пловдиве Международное бьеннале  карикатуры.


Участие в выставках:


1. Национальные – Объединенные  выставки  молодых карикатуристов в Разграде  (1987, 1985, 1981, 1979 гг.).

Национальная выставка “Техническая карикатура”  в Софии (1983, 1982, 1981, 1980 гг.).
Объединенная художественная выставка “Человек и природа” (1988 г.).
Национальная выставка болгарской карикатуры  (1987,  2011 гг.).


2. Международные – Международная бьеннале “Автомобиль и окружающая среда” (1987 г.).

Международная бьеннале юмора и сатиры в Габрово  (2011, 2009, 2007, 2003, 1999, 1997, 1995, 1991, 1989, 1985 гг.).
Международная выставка в Разграде  (1998, 2000 гг.)
Международные выставки и конкурсы в Англии, Бельгии, Канаде, Бразилии, Кубе, Японии, Италии, Польше, Югославии, Греции, Турции, Франции, Германии, России, FYR Македонии, Румынии, Перу, Израиле, Хорватии, Словакии, Австралии, и т.д.


3. Индивидуальные выставки:

Пистойя, Италия (1989 г.), Пловдив, Болгария (2011 г.), Габрово, Болгария (2011г.)


4. Печатался в: Журнале “Cartoon”, “Starshel”, “Trud”, “Марица”, “Учительско delo”, “Demokratsia”, и т.д.


2011 г.



Tsocho Peev Without Words
In Bulgaria, as in many other countries in the world, the interest in cartoon is big. The invention of the Biennale of Humor and Satire in Gabrovo has been not by chance. It is more economical. But in some way it is the follow-up event, connected with the “needs” of the cartoon, which is part of the humor, called by one cartoonist – an esthetic art category. The cartoon’s authors are also social sensitive people. They are required to have a superb artistry, unconditioned sense of humor, intelligence and, of course, the gift to paint and to catch the moment, the situation, the event of the day. With the tail of the eye they mark the passing of every shadow, cloud, dog’s gathering, quarrel on neighboring terraces, insane skyscrapers covering the sun, sinking “Titanic “and drowning tourists photographing it… Oh, the world is infinitely diverse! The cartoonist – he is an original time, season, earthquakes and volcanoes’ eruption chronicler.

Tsocho Peev has given forty years to the adventure named “Cartoon” and it is happening still. In this small book every reader begins his adventure without words, constantly accompanying the artist.
Actually, if we take a close look, and this we shall do, we shall find many things about the author, about his work and about the exact measure, which makes his cartoons a work of a master. Tsocho offers us his “small stories” without words with a choice for our own interpretation. He ranges purposefully over a number of themes in which he develops a small erotic series, enters the shade of war, plays with some individuals from the prison “field”, doesn’t miss the mythology with characters like Themis and Sisyph, emphasizes the great slogan that “the truth is in the wine”. In general, he enjoys us and enjoys himself. Because in art there is no greater pleasure than that, while creating it, to enjoy yourself. He presents us the city, the neighborhood, the garbage and the garbage-cans, which were turned into city architecture; the Dreamer with his morning gown at the window, staring at the icebergs of the opposite blocks; he touches the sadness of the Windmill, which dreams with its closed eyes of Don Quixote and Sancho Panza and more, and more…

Enough with the introductions and explanations. Seriously! For me Tsocho Peev is a wonderful artist. A painter who is master in his craft. It is pleasure to contemplate his lines, artistic findings, graphic virtuosity. No matter if it is with Indian ink, gouache, aquarelle, distemper, laid with brush, pastel or pencil. There is no line made by chance. He gives us his cartoons on clean white background, imposing the free painting, gradation of colours, their contrast or harmony. Elsewhere the characters are made in grey colour scheme, with accent on details, which are actually replacing the words. Sometimes the objects are leading characters. There is elegance – of the expression, colour accent, exquisite line, volume, space and time – in each of his works. His characters are real, the figures are not hyperbolical bent. In his world – without words the story is plain and clear. You can touch, through small story lines, the Absurdity of our existence – a door bell on a nailed down house, an UFO stop, a gallows order, saving a leaky helmet… With his book the artist carefully and unostentatiously gives us the serial portion of laughter with which he makes the world a better place. Because Tsocho Peev is a very good man – positive and smiling. Part of the future of the Bulgarian cartoon is for sure in his golden hands. Good luck!

Your true admirer
Svetla Moskova

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