Peegel Andrus

Tallinn, Estonia


He was born in 1955.
Drawing was taught at the Tartu Art School. He works as a designer in the newspaper Edaz. He is convinced that if you draw a pen around the world lines, you can not only open the caricaturist, but also show hidden references to others. It seems that the same opinion is shared by editors who, since 1974, have published their drawings in Tartu, Tallinn and other cities, as well as abroad. His manuscripts were printed in the Handicap collection at the exhibition “Sixteen Authors”: “What’s funny?” He still understands the environment and forms it in a hyperbolic way, ignoring the truth about walking.

HOMO NOVUS Tallinn Periodicals 1988
Forced in 1955
The first cartoon was released in 1974 in the Tartu Art College, which was completed in 1974, exhibited in Tallinn and Tartu.


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