He was born in Caracas, the capital of Venezuela in 1944.
The artist whose first cartoons appeared in a weekly magazine “Marcha” in 1968, settled in Montevideo/Uru¬guay in 1951.
Besides Marcha, his national political cartoons appeared in “Extra, De Frento, Aho¬ra” and his drawings in a humour magazine “La Balota” between 1971 and 1973.
The artist who moved to Argentina after Uruguay carne back to Venezuela in 1975 and drew political cartoons for “El Nacional” for 8 years.
He was at the same time the art director of an economy magazine “Numero”.
The artist moved to Paris in 1983 and his works appear regularly in “Le Monde”, Le Monde diplomatique, Lire, Le Canard enchaine, Le Magazine Litteraire, The Herald Tribune”. His works also appear in “II Solé 24 Ore” and “Guardian”.
The artist who is the holder of many national and international awards won “Satírica Politica” in Marmi dei Forte (Italy) in 1995.

BEC 1995

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