Paakkanen Haikko

Helsinki, Finland

Cartoonist, comic artist

Born in 1948 in Helsinki
Leading Finnish political cartoonist. Frequent guest of Russia. He released a comic book called “Russia”. The book’s exit coincided with the exhibition of a cartoonist in the St. Petersburg gallery “Borey”.
His first drawings were devoted to the Hungarian Uprising of 1956. He was then about seven years old, and I drew Hungarian hero rebels.
He studied at the University of Helsinki at the Faculty of Applied Arts. First a year in the specialization of “interior design”, and then – “applied art”.
After graduation, he drew pictures, advertisements, illustrations, posters for Finnish TV companies. Before the advent of computers such work was very in demand.
Some of the friends began to draw comics, and he too was carried away by this direction. Tried myself and in the animation.

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