Ostrovskiy Pyotr

Volgograd, Russia


Born in 1910, he lost his father early and in need very much.
He was addicted to drawing.
Seventeen years old Ostrovsky came to the editorial office of the youth newspaper “Reserves” (Volgograd). Yes, and remained a lifelong artist-journalist. He did everything that was demanded of him, wrote headlines, painted portraits, posters. But most of all he was drawn to a caricature.
During the war P. Ostrovsky – artist of divisional and army newspapers. Here he leads the corners of humor, using a soldier’s mail, comes up with funny riszyunki. But he not only draws cartoons, but he also produces clichés in his own traveling zincography. After the war, he often appeared in the newspaper Volgogradskaya Pravda.
Draws for “Crocodile”, illustrates funny children’s books, participates in exhibitions.

P. Ostrovsky appears on the newspaper pages and as a poster artist, and as an illustrator.

Article from the collection “The Masters of the Soviet Cartoon”

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