okna ROSTA

“Windows of the GROWTH”, more precisely – “The windows of satire ROSTA”, posters created in 1919-21 by Soviet artists and poets who worked in the system of the Russian Telegraph Agency (ROSTA). “Windows of the GROWTH” – an original kind of agitation-mass art, emerged during the Civil War and military intervention of 1918-20.

Sharp, intelligible satirical posters with brief, easily remembered verse texts exposed the enemies of the young Soviet Republic, covered burning events, illustrated telegrams transmitted by the agency to newspapers. Posters, except for the first ones, drawn by hand, were performed and multiplied with the help of a stencil to 150 or more copies, then exhibited in shop windows in Moscow and other cities. The “windows of GROWTH” were widely used traditions of lubok and rajeshnika, etc. The drawings “Windows of the GROWTH” (in series up to 12 on one sheet) were distinguished by the accentuated simplicity and laconicism of the visual means (expressiveness of silhouettes, coloring in 2-3 colors).

The first “Windows of the GROWTH” was performed in October 1919 by MM Cheremnykh. Then he was joined by VV Mayakovsky, who created bright, accurate drawings and signatures, as well as IA Malyutin, DS Moore, and others. Similar “windows” were also produced in Petrograd (LG Grodaty, V V. Lebedev, A. A. Radakov, etc.), in Ukraine (BE Efimov and others), in Baku, Saratov and other cities. “Windows of the GROWTH” played a significant role in the development of Soviet fine arts.


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