window restructuring

Okna Perestroiki

In the late 80s of the 20th century, in Moscow, in the windows of the first floor of the building of the newspaper Izvestia, satirical posters were posted, which, in the manner of the ROSTA okno, responded to the problems of Perestroika in the political system of the USSR.



Of particular interest today is the satirical poster. This is not hard to be seen by observing how hotly the Muscovites and guests of our city are arguing, examining the posters of Jangir Agayev, Valery Mokhov and Yury Cherepanov in the windows of Pushkin Square and Novy Arbat.

These artists, representing the creative group “Moscow and Russia”, over four years of joint work have created more than 1,400 satirical posters.

From the publishing house “Panorama”, Moscow, 1992.

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