Oguz Gurel

Izmir, Turkey


He was born in 1968 in Izmir (Turkey).
Graduated from the University of Marmara (Faculty of Textiles).
Draws cartoons since 2001.
His work was first published in the local newspaper “Kocaeli” in 1989.
His works are also published in other newspapers and magazines.
Member of the Association of Turkish Cartoonists.
Member of FECO.

Prizewinner of more than 100 national and international cartoon contests.
The most significant of them are:
Newspaper Milliet (Abdi Ipekchi) -2 place prize.
Prize of the Turkish Press Association.
Film Festival in Ankara – special prize
Turkish standard prize-1st prize (1993), 2. prize (1994), special prize (1995)
Ankara Cankaya Beleudiisi-Special Prize

BEC 2017

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