Oganesyan Arshak

Moscow, Russia



Born November 13, 1950 in Yerevan (Armenia).
Graduated from Russian economic Academy, faculty of Economics, worked as an architect Mosproyekt 4, 1975, after graduation he worked as Director of the canteen of the Lenin district of Moscow.
Then worked in the journal “change” art editor (1989-1990), the weekly “interlocutor” artist (1990-1995), LLP “Centre plus” artist (1995-1997), the newspaper “Evening club” concern “Evening Moscow” art-editor(1997-2001), information and Publishing center “Novy Arbat-24” artist / designer (2001-2002), the magazine “Optimist” senior graphic designer (2002-2003), Publishing house “native newspaper” (2003-2005), magazine drive-the art Director of the newspaper “za rulem” Publishing house “za rulem” (2008-2009).
The first caricature was published in “Moskovsky Komsomolets” (1974). Published in periodicals:” Literary Gazette”,” Change”,” spark”,” Man and law”,” Soviet sport”,”Youth”,”Crocodile”,”Freya Welt”,”the Soviet trade”,”masters of Soviet caricature”. Involved in more than 10 national and international cartoon contests.
The winner of the newspaper “MK”, participated in joint exhibitions in Gabrovo in Moscow (MGU).

BEC 2009

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