Offengenden Iosif

Moscow, Russia


He was born in 1925.
The first caricature was “published” at the age of 9 in the school wall newspaper. Liked.
But I did not think about the profession of the artist. I dreamed of becoming a builder, like my father.
During the war did not draw. There was no time. True, under Kirovograd, the regimental commander Major Polovets asked us, a soldier, – who can draw a diagram of the enemy’s front line of defense? I also called out. I pictured, it is true, not a scheme, but simply a landscape. He looked and said: it seems. The artillery brought in my drawing. After demobilization on the way to the Civil Engineering Institute, a trolleybus broke down near the Moscow Polygraphic Institute. He went. He asked also. ” remained for five years. Graduated from the Institute “He became an artist.


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