Osipov Valery

Chelyabinsk, Russia



Was born on August 25, in 1962 in the city of Kartaly, in the south of the
Chelyabinsk region.
After graduation from the industrial school for a long time worked
a general photographer, from technical to reporter photography. In
1988 he graduated from Chelyabinsk
State Institute of Culture. He graduated from the All-Union
correspondence faculty of
photojournalism at the Union of Journalists of the USSR, which helped
to work with local publications.
After injuries sustained in a car accident in 1994, including injuries
from which
His eyesight Valeriy Anatolievich was forced to leave the work connected with
Vision for many years.
Then he worked as a designer of outdoor advertising in advertising
agencies. Stock Photo
on well-known photobanks and 3D modeling of objects led him to freelancing.
He was a participant in numerous competitions of automobile design.
But, unlike these activities, thoughts about drawing cartoons, cartoons and
genre scenes never left or left him.

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