Nevahovich Mikhail

Saint Petersburg, Russia


Cartoonist, publisher of the first in Russia humorous collection “Yeralash”
After his studies and serving in the army, in 1842, came to live in Saint Petersburg and married the  famous dancer T. Smirnova.
He didn’t receive art education and started drawing caricatures by himself. They gained success in a Petersburg society. In 1845 he got an idea of ​creating a periodical with caricatures and comics, and the next year he began to publish it – the first Russian illustrated satirical magazine called “Jumble” (“Yeralash”). 6 issues of the journal were published, reflecting various aspects of Petersburg public life, literature, and art were reflected.
In 1849, at the time of the “terroristic censorship”, “Jumble” was closed by the authorities for the “reprehensible direction”.
Also the artist published another satirical periodical     —     “The Magic Lantern”.BEC 2017

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