Nedyalkov Hristo

Sofia, Bulgaria


Hristo Nedyalkov was born in 1948.
His first newspaper publication in 1971.
He was a member of the General Exhibitions for Young Bulgarian Cartoonists and he received the Second Prize in 1975.
He has participated in International Exhibitions for cartoons.
The prestigious newspaper Literaturnaya Gazeta (Moskow) has published his cartoon in 1977.
He has graduated from Technical University: 1975, 1994.
He worked for Bulgarian and International Shipping Companies for many years as Ship’s electrical engineer officer and Ship’s electronic engineer officer.
His book (Dioptri za gluhi) was printed in 2013.
Dioptri za gluhi: epigrams and friendlies take-off.
Dioptri za gluhi (Bg): Dioptres for pretend to be deaf (End).
Hristo Nedyalkov: author of texts.
Lyubomir Mihaylov: cartoonist of illustrated epigrams.
Jovcho Savov: cartoonist of illustrated friendlies take-off.
Hristo Nedyalkov is living in Sofia now.


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