Nasyrov Leonid

Moscow, Russia

Cartoonist, illustrator


The Cartoonist of the magazine “Chayan”

Nasyrov was educated as a decorator and before coming to Moscow in
In 1976 he worked on performances in Kazan, Minsk, Chisinau. He also studied easel painting. He was invited to Moscow by the magazine “Crocodile”, where Nasyrov began to work in the genre
cartoons. Also at one time was the main artist of the “Young Naturalist”, who made him reconsider the attitude towards animals. Currently, he cooperates with the publishing house OLMA Media Group, which publishes the book series “Koty Warriors”. Illustrates both books of cycles and special editions, as well as colored and colorful guidebooks. Participates in meetings of fans of “Kotov-warriors” with representatives of the publishing house. In addition, he is an illustrator of the trilogy “War of Witches” by Maite Carranza, a series of Michael Ford’s “Spartan” and other children’s books.

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