Lovetro Jose Alberto

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

00/00/19?? – 29/11/1995

Cartoonist, journalist, screenwriter

Jose Alberto Lovetro, better known as Jal, and as president of the Association of Cartoonists of Brazil (ACB).

He started his career at Folha de S.Paulo in 1973, later worked in the main media in the country, such as the newspaper O Estado de São Paulo, TV Cultura, TV Tupi, The Brazilians (USA), Pasquim, Revista Sem Fronteiras. (Holland/Belgium), DCI, TV Bandeirantes, TV Gazeta (SP), TV Manchete, Revista Semanário, Rádio Tupi, TV SENAC/SESC and others.

Together with Gualberto Costa, Franco de Rosa and Warnie Almeida de Souza, he helped found the Sao Paulo State Comics and Cartoonists Association (AQC – ESP), responsible for the Angelo Agostini Award, later the duo would leave AQC and founded the HQ Mix Trophy, one of the main Brazilian comic book awards. In 1989, he won the Jayme Cortez Trophy, awarded in the Angelo Agostini Award to those who stand out in their work for the benefit of Brazilian comics. In the same year, he also won the HQ Mix Trophy as the “best editor”.

Reference: Wikipedia, 2010


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