Lloro Antonio

Habana, Cuba


Lloro was born in 1942 in Havana. After graduating from the School of Fine Arts of San Alejandro in 1969 he began to work in the magazine “Palante” as an illustrator. Then he began to draw cartoons.
He is a prize-winner of national and international cartoon contests. The first was the Salon Prize “July 26”, organized by the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Cuba. It was followed by the award of the International Salon of Humor in Montreal in 1971, and two years later – the first prize at the 11th Moscow International Exhibition “Satire in the Struggle for Peace”.
Lloro is one of the permanent artists “Palante”. His cartoons are also published in many other Cuban periodicals.

Modern caricature of the cartoonists. “Soviet Artist”, Moscow, 1982.

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