Lischenko Ulia



The pseudonym Julia Caesar
She was born in the city of Cherkasy (Ukraine) on December 18, 1962.
Graduated from the Lviv Academy of Arts in 1985.

The first caricature was published in 1995. Participant of more than 50 international and domestic exhibitions of cartoons.
Laureate of international and domestic cartoon contests.

The largest prizes:
First prize “Golden smile” of the International festival of humor in art “Witty & Crazy Millenium-3”, Lviv, Ukraine, (2001)
Excellent Prize of The 2nd Oriental WINE International Cartoon Exhibition, Cina (2005)

Personal exhibitions:
1998 – The Yarovit Gallery (Lviv, Ukraine)
2001 – Editorial office of the newspaper “Vysoky Zamok” – personal exhibition of politicians’ cartoons (Lviv, Ukraine)

Illustrations to books:
Anatoly Balyuk “Good Tales” (Lviv, 2001)
Anatoly Balyuk “Three Girlfriends and Their Faithful Friend Bobko” (Lviv, 2004)
Anatoly Balyuk “Sho boolo … Scho on the heart of the lyaglo …” (Lviv, 2006)

Member of the Ukrainian National Union of Journalists
Member of the Ukrainian Union of Cartoonists
Journalist and cartoonist of the newspaper “High Castle” (Lviv)

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