Linares Adalberto


Linares was born in 1955 in Santa Clara.
In 1976, after graduating from the school of fine arts “Leopoldo Romagnac” in his hometown, Linares came to the magazine “Melaito”. Almost at the same time, he began to publish in humorous publications such as Palante and DDT.
Linares is not only a cartoonist, but also an author of a number of picturesque paintings, some of them were exhibited at exhibitions.
He participated in several National Salons of Humor “Horacio Rodriguez Suria”, where he was awarded both regional and national prizes. Although the heroes of his humorous drawings are animals and children, this does not prevent the artist from profoundly revealing the problems of political and everyday topics.
Currently, Linares is working in the magazine “Melaito”.

Modern Cuban cartoonists. “Soviet Artist”, Moscow, 1982.

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