Legat (Brothers)


Legate Nikolai Gustavovich (1869-1937)

Legat Sergey Gustavovich (1875 – 1905)

The brothers N. and S. Legat, people of broad artistic interests, dancers, choreographers, teachers, who created an extensive gallery of drawings, portraits, friendly cartoons dedicated to their colleagues in the company. Their works were composed of a large album-folder “Russian ballet in caricatures” (St. Petersburg, 1903) / Legate Nikolai Gustavovich (1869-1937). The pupil of Gerdt and Petipa, improved by Johanson. In 1888 – 1914 artist, from 1905 – choreographer (top of the activity – “Fairy dolls”, set for Kshesinskaya). In 1896 – 1914 he taught at the Imperial

Petersburg theatrical school, later – in the Moscow Theater School and the school of Russian ballet A. Volynsky. Since 1909, at his initiative, a support class was established in the ballet company. Since 1922 he lived in France and England, had since 1923 his school of ballet. In 1925 – 1926 he taught at the Russian Ballet of S. Diaghilev. In Russia, his disciples were Trefilov, Karsavina, Kshesinskaya, Sedova, Vaganova, Fokin, Nijinsky.

In England – Ninetta de Valois, Markova, Fontaine, Ashton. Famous for his elegant, proper dance and reliability. Therefore, many ballerinas chose him as a partner. Legate Sergei Gustavovich (1875 – 1905). A pupil of Gerdt and Johanson.

According to the memoirs of F. Lopukhov “inferior to Nicholas as a dancer, but greatly surpassed him as an artist.” The public preferred him to Nicholas in the roles of the lyrical and heroic repertoire. He committed suicide after he signed a document against his revolutionary colleagues in the ballet department.


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