Lebedev Vladimir

Saint Petersburg, Russia

26.05.1891 - 21.11.1967


The master of cartoons and illustrations Vladimir Vasilyevich Lebedev was one of the founders of the Moscow “Okna ROSTA” and for a long time, together with S. Marshak, headed the editorial office of children’s literature. Since 1911, he studied in the studio of F. Rubo, where he tried to draw animals. Then he studied in the private studio of M. Bernstein, where he mastered the full-scale sketches of the human body. In the same years he works as a cartoonist and illustrator in the magazines “Satyricon” and “New Satyricon.”
At the same time, in 1912-1914, he studied at the Academy of Arts. After the revolution, he persistently comprehended the principles of painting Cubism, realizing his search in the graphic series “Laundresses” (1920-1925), as well as in the political posters “Okna ROSTA” (1920-1921). In the mid-1920s he introduced satirical series “NEP”, “New Life”, “Love Spies”, as well as a series of brilliant drawings “Acrobatics”, “Ballerinas”, “Guitarists” and numerous sketches of nude models performed with virtuosic skill.



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