Lauks Rein

Tallinn, Estonia

Cartoonist, applied artist, puppet theater artist

Was born in 1945.
Specialized as a crafts artist.
By appointment is the main artist of the puppet theater.
By calling is a cartoonist.
The first cartoons were published in “Picker”.
Worked as an art editor of this magazine and drew cartoons. Contributed to the weekly “SIRP I VAZAR”, as well as to many domestic and foreign papers, including: the catalogues of the exhibition of the Baltic cartoons (Tallinn, 1976, Vilnius, 1981, etc.), the catalogue of the exhibition “What’s Funny?”, collections “Handicap”, “Beauty Salon”, “Sixteen Authors”; as well as the catalogues of the international cartoon exhibitions.
Took part at the all-union and international exhibitions in Tallinn, Riga, Vilnius, Leningrad, Odessa , Lviv, Gabrovo, Marostica, Knokke-Heist etc.
Was awarded at the contest of the cartoon “Homo sapiens” and at the international exhibition of caricatures in Gabrovo.
Designed humorous collections of “Handicap”, “Sixteen Authors”. Drew humorous posters and funny posters for the State Puppet Theater of the Estonian SSR.
Designed the book that you are holding in your hands.

“Masters of the Soviet cartoon” ed. Soviet Artist 1989

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