Lazaro Fernandes

Habana, Cuba


Lazaro was born in 1935 in Havana. He graduated from the Faculty of Technology of Havana University. Since 1966, his humorous drawings have been appearing systematically in the magazines “Palatier”, “La chicharra”, “DDT”, “Philately of Kuban” and other periodicals.
Lazaro is a participant and winner of the National Salons of Humor “Oracio Rodriguez Suria” and a number of international competitions.
In 1979, Lazaro was awarded the first prize at the First International Biennale of Humor in San Antonio de los Baños. Learning about the award to him of this award, Lazaro said: “At first I was just interested in making humorous sketches (the first symptoms of the disease!), But this hobby took still a small place in my life.
The introduction to the family of Cuban humorists allowed me to get to know their work more closely, and I could not help but admire their humanity, their spiritual subtlety. Gradually, I got involved (an alarming symptom!), And now I can not (the disease is incurable!) Do not express myself through a humorous drawing, which, incidentally, is gaining popularity in Cuba. There is nothing more serious than humor! “Currently, Lázaro is one of the artists of the magazine Palante.
Modern Cuban cartoonists. “Soviet artist”, Moscow, 1982.

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