Henniger Barbara



Painter, cartoonist, writer.

Barbara Henniger (born November 9, 1938 in Dresden)

Barbara Henniger grew up in Dresden-Striesen in the family of a plumber and a hairdresser and after graduating from high school studied architecture from 1956 to 1958 at the Technical University of Dresden. In 1959, she completed an internship at the Sächsisches Tageblatt in Dresden. Until 1967, she worked as a journalist and cartoonist for this daily newspaper published by the Saxon branch of the Liberal Democratic Party of Germany. There she met her husband, whom she married in 1967. Since her husband Heinfried Henniger got a job as an editor at the publishing house Der Morgen in the same year, they moved to Strausberg in 1967. Since then, Henniger has worked as a freelance cartoonist and since that time has also been one of the main artists of the GDR satirical magazine Ulenspiegel. Barbara Henniger draws, in particular, political cartoons, cartoons and television cartoons.


  • 1977/78: VIII Art Exhibition of the GDR, Dresden
  • 1982/83: IX. GDR Art Exhibition, Dresden
  • 1987/88: X. GDR Art Exhibition, Dresden
  • 2010: WeibsBilder! Cartoons by Barbara Henniger and Hogli, exhibition dedicated to the Year of Culture in Brandenburg 2010, the old military shelter in Potsdam
  • 2010: senior, senior classics of East German caricature, joint exhibition. Kunstspeicher Friedersdorf
  • 2012: THINK POSITIVELY! Old school barn, Dinsdorf-Radlow
  • 2013: Against Evil. With Klaus Stuttmann and Rainer Erth. Gallery of 30 LINKS, Berlin
  • 2013: Did you all laugh? Cartoonmuseum Luckau
  • 2015: Continues beyond the buffer stop! Buffer stop, Groß Mützenau
  • 2016: Where to go? Viadrina Museum in Frankfurt an der Oder 2016: “Endspurt” – satirical drawings from then until tomorrow. Havelberg Town Hall
  • 2020: satirical cartoons from 1989 to the present


  • 1984: GDR Art Prize
  • 1985: “Golden Hat”, 1st place at the International Cartoon Contest in Knokke (Belgium)
  • 1991: “Golden Gotar”, 1st place at the 1st “Gother Karikade” in Gotha
  • 1998: 1st place International Cartoon Festival in Langnau im Emmental (Switzerland)
  • 1999: “Silberner Gothaer”, 2nd place at the 9th “Gothaer Karikade”
  • 2001: German Caricature Prize in Dresden, Audience Award
  • 2003: Cartoon contest “What is Social?” in Berlin, 1st place prize
  • 2006: German Cartoon Award, “Winged Pencil” in gold
  • 2012: German Cartoon Award, Prize for Services to the Genre
  • 2017: eoplauen Award

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