Hendrix Nicola IOA

Brussels, Belgium


Cartoonist, illustrator

Born 1982 Dendermonde, Belgium. He graduated in 2006 from the College at the Royal Military Academy in Brussels, from which he graduated in 2006 with a degree in engineering. At the moment, he is an officer in the defense headquarters.

Although he received a technical education, drawing and painting have always been a passion for him. As a child, he went to the art academy for more than ten years, until he was forced to abandon his studies there due to lack of time. However, it was always his nature to draw, and very soon he sat down at the drawing table at home again, and it turned into his hobby.

His fascination with caricature began around 2004, when he first took part in a cartoon contest. To no avail, of course, but he never gave up doing it. Only five years later, in 2009, he received his first prize at the «Karpik» cartoon contest in Poland. Since then, his award list has only gotten bigger and bigger. He has won prizes in Belgium, Poland, Romania, Syria, France, Slovakia, Italy and China.

In 2017, Nikola was a full-time cartoonist at the European Comics Center (ECC www.ecccomics.com) in Kruishouthem, Belgium, where he also had the largest solo exhibition. His work is part of «Cartoons from Belgium», a traveling collection of 100 cartoons by 10 Belgian cartoonists, created on the initiative of ECC. The exhibition has already been held in several European countries, as well as in Russia, Argentina and Egypt.

Since 2018, Nikola has started illustrating children’s books.

Reference: ioa.wifeo.com , 2021


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